Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gisele's Very Special 1st Birthday!

 Finally Gisele's 1st birthday post!  It was such a fun day and we are truly blessed to have so many friends and family to share these special moments with.


There are so many things I've never noticed about kids.  Like how they immediately crowd when cake or presents are involved.  We gave Gisele a few tries and then I let the kids blow out her candle for her.

She didn't quite know what to do with all the kids surrounding her.  Such a serious little face, just like big brother!

There was never any real digging into of the cake.  More like grabbing and squishing in her fingers.

And the crowd gathered back up for presents!

 I've never seen a kid that like birthday cards (or any card for that matter) more than Gisele.  Mikey is just starting to really pay attention to them. But Gisele loves the cute characters on them and loves to open and close them.

The weather was so perfect and it made me wish we had the party outside.  The kids always managed to find their way outside though.  

Well, there was a pinata but no pictures to show for it.  We had some really heavy hitters and it didn't last long.  

Once again it was a great party and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mikey turns 3!!

It's official, we have a three year old. I just can't believe it's gone so fast.  Everyone, and I mean everyone,  tells you how fast it goes.  But until you actually experience it yourself, it's then you realize that it goes really fast!  When planning his birthday party, I was determined not to have it at Chuck E. Cheese but when asking Mikey what he would like, it's the place he kept bringing up.  It was so hectic and crazy for his first birthday.  Mikey's third birthday party stepped it up and it was CHAOS!  Yes, the caps are necessary.  

To go along with the SuperHero theme, Mikey wore his Superman tee and his superhero cape and mask.  He would be known as Super Mikey.

He ran around so much, it really did seem like his cape gave him the power to fly. 

All the kids were also made honorary Superheroes for the day. I think the masks and capes were a hit!

One of my goals for the day was to get a family picture of us.  Phew! We were successful!

Our families took turns with Gisele allowing me to deal with the chaos.  She was so entertained with all the kids running around, she didn't fuss one bit. My sweet!  Here she is with Grandma Yolanda

....with Grandpa Bucky

...and with Shayla

The "Jett Rider" was hands down Mikey's favorite ride.  Here he is riding with Mattie.

And again with Shayla.

The photo booth was another popular attraction.

An A.J. sandwich!

This picture represents to me the craziness going on.  I'm trying to talk to my "host", our tables were maxed out, hardly any place to place things, trying to squeeze by other people, all while trying to keep track of Mikey who just wants to play games.  There might have been a few times I wanted to hide in the bathroom.  Ay yi yi yi!!!

Birthday boy getting ready for the birthday celebration.

Getting his face time with Chuck

Receiving his crown.  It's things like this that make me realize how different a year can be. For his first party, he would NOT wear the hat.  This year, it was as if he was expecting it.  He was birthday royalty after all.

 He was so excited!

Carmen enjoying her cupcake

Probably the best thing that happened was that I was allowed to go in the Ticket Blaster with Mikey.  I honestly thought it would be so easy and that I should probably not get too many tickets.  But they did entice me by placing a 1000 ticket bonus in there.  

This picture makes me laugh.  I'm thinking, "Hmm..this is harder than I thought", and Mikey is having so much fun.

I got the 1000 ticket bonus!!!!! Oh yea!!!

Having a blast!!

Taking some time to show his best friend some love!

Mikey's birthday celebration was wrapped up by going to the doctor for his 3 year check up.  He was not happy about having to go, but in Mikey's words "That wasn't so bad afterall".  


Every time I look at you, it makes me smile.  Smile because you have changed me.  No longer am I the same person I was three years ago.  I'm honored to be your mommy.  The day you were born is so fresh and clear in my mind. And everyday since then, you've taught me something new.  You are so loving, sweet and smart.  You're also pretty funny.  Daddy and I spend most evenings talking about all the new things you are doing, which sometimes include the new ways you are testing your limits with us.  
The biggest part of your second year of life would have to be the day your baby sister was born.  I still remember watching you walk in to meet her with your curious, unsure look.  In that moment, you were no longer my baby.  You were now a big brother and you have been a kind and loving one since.  You were a little scared to see me in the hospital bed but quickly warmed up.  There are so many times I look to the future but often stop myself.  Everyday is special and fun.  Right now you are such a little homebody.  Your home is your comfort and that makes happy. Walks to "your park" bring out the biggest smiles.  There are many kisses for Gisele without anyone asking you to do it.  They come purely from your heart.  Even with all the love you have for your little sister, you are very protective of your toys.  Anytime she comes towards them, you throw your body on top of them and yell "Mommy hold her".  At the same time, you do share with her and bring her other toys to play with.  And even though you are a big boy and remind me all the time that you aren't a baby, just today you told me "Ok Mommy, you can call me your baby".  

So let's close this chapter to your second year of life with happiness and wonderful memories.  I can't wait to see what your third year of life brings but I don't want to look to far ahead.  For now, I'm just excited for tomorrow. I love you my baby!